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As data and analytics becomes increasingly important to organizations, data quality becomes a priority

Just as testing is an indispensable part of software development, data warehouse, data lake, ETL, big data, AI/ML, and business intelligence projects require data quality testing.

Why Partner with DQO?

DQO tool enables calculation and continuous monitoring of data quality KPIs.

Technology partners

Integration partners

Expand your database and BI offerings with data quality services

Verify successful data migration to the cloud

Verify the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of data by comparing source systems with databases

Detect completeness, timeliness, and freshness of data displayed on dashboards

Benefits for your customers

Data quality will benefit your customers and increase trust in your services

Confirmation of the correctness of the cloud migration project

Resolve compliance-related issues for industries requiring high data quality, such as finance and healthcare

Fewer escalations due to errors in dashboards

Benefits for your business

Sharing leads between our companies

Get commission for reselling DQO licenses

Get data quality training for your staff

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