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Detailed error statuses for a single check. Represent one row in the errors table.

The structure of this object is described below

 Property name   Description                       Data type 
actual_value Actual value. double
expected_value Expected value. double
column_name Column name. string
data_group Data group. string
duration_ms Duration (ms). integer
time_gradient Time gradient. string
time_period Time period. datetime
provider Provider. string
quality_dimension Quality dimension. string
sensor_name Sensor name. string
readout_id Sensor readout id. string
error_message Error message. string
error_source Error source. string
error_timestamp Error timestamp. datetime
table_comparison Table comparison name string


Error detailed statuses. Returned in the context of a single data group, with a supplied list of other data groups.

The structure of this object is described below

 Property name   Description                       Data type 
check_name Check name. string
check_display_name Check display name. string
check_type Check type. string
check_hash Check hash. long
check_category Check category name. string
data_groups_names Data groups list. List[string]
data_group Selected data group. string
error_entries Error entries List[ErrorEntryModel]