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Review results on dashboards

In the previous step we run two data quality check: table-level row_count and column-level nulls_percent on BigQuery public dataset Austin Crime Data.

Now let's review the results on the data quality dashboards. This is a unique feature of DQO allowing for the display of data quality KPI.

In DQO, you can choose from a variety of built-in dashboard groups.

Governance dashboards allows to review summarized key data metrics per check category, data quality dimensions or data streams. Government dashboards are useful for senior management to review aggregated key data metrics.

Issue Details are useful for data engineers and data owners to better understand data dynamics during the investigation phase when the data quality issue is being diagnosed and later to confirm whether it has been resolved.

You can read more about the data quality dashboards in the Concept section.


To be able to display results on data quality dashboards you need to synchronize locally stored results with your DQO Cloud account.
To synchronize all the data just click on the Synchronize button in the upper right corner of the navigation tab or run cloud sync all command in DQO Shell.

You can read more about cloud command in the Command-line specification section.

Total data quality KPIs dashboard

To review the summary KPIs of all run checks you can use the KPIs dashboard. You can find it in the Governance (KPIs) group.

  1. Go to the Data Quality Dashboards section using the navigation bar at the top of the screen

    Navigating to Data Quality Dashboards section

  2. From the tree view on the left, select the KPIs dashboard folder and KPIs dashboard.

    Total DQ KPIs dashboard

    In our example we ran two data quality checks. The result of the row_count check was Correct, while nulls_percent resulted in an Error.

    The calculated percentage of passed data quality checks (KPI) in our example is 50%. You can see that there is on passed data quality check and one failed.

Issues details dashboard

To review the details which tables were affected by the issues you can use the Issues details dashboard. You can find it in the Data Quality Issue Details group.

  1. From the tree view on the left of the Data Quality Dashboard section, select the Issue dashboard in the Data Quality Issue Details group.

    Total issue details dashboard

    On the Issue dashboard, you can see the results broken down by categories of checks, as well as the list of tables affected by the issues. In our example, there is only one table with one data quality issue. You can filter the results by clicking on the check category or the table.

You have completed our quick tutorial and now know how to add connections, run data quality checks and view results in DQO using the graphical interface.