Reach 100% data quality SCORE

A step-by-step guide to improve data quality

Reach 100% Data Quality Score

A step-by-step guide to improve data quality

Best practices for effective data quality improvement

Data become ubiquitous and companies rely on it to create insights, optimize processes, and improve decision-making. But as data complexity increases, the importance of data quality has never been greater. Delivering trusted data in this new context requires continuous monitoring of data quality. Only then can you truly detect data quality problems before they affect your business.

This eBook describes the proven data monitoring process that will help you remove all data quality problems. The process is based on tracking data quality KPIs to prioritize and identify data quality issues that should be addressed with the highest priority. It was created by the DQO Team based on their experience in data cleansing and data quality monitoring.


Download the eBook to learn how to:

  • Set data cleansing goals.
  • Conduct an iterative data cleansing project.
  • Measure data quality across multiple dimensions, such as accuracy, validity, completeness, consistency, currency, or timeliness.
  • Detect and respond to data quality problems in the future.
  • Detect problems in data pipelines.

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